Sunshine in your Pocket: Our End-of-Summer Collection

Those who are drawn to the style of Peru describe a craving for color, energy, and vibrant simplicity. Our End-of-Summer collection offers just this, an authentic and delicious selection of clothing, jewelry, and accessories that will inspire you to embrace every sunrise with passion.

silver hair accessories
Summer is a rich abundance. We think these pieces will help you radiate your own Peruvian sunshine no matter where you are. The amazing silver stick pins we have right now are available in five colors made with different Peruvian stones that bring a splash of color to your hairstyle or garment. Crafted using 950 silver (a higher quality silver than most sterling silver), this soft, warm metal will become beautifully seasoned over time.

statement jewelry silver brooch
This traditional peacock tupo is truly a treasure, worthy of passing down to younger generations. Acquired from a local award-winning artisan, the detail and quality of this piece is breathtaking. (There’s only one left!) The bold peacock is decorated with three small glass stones that catch the light while delicate little charms gently dangle from below.

summer handbag tote bag
Carry summer with you with a fun and vibrant carryall bag. Whether you’re walking to the beach or exploring a street festival with friends, these bags are big enough are for all your essentials.

elegant shawl scarf
Wrap yourself in color and elegance with a distinctive cotton or alpaca shawl. These pieces are hand-woven and each one is one-of-a-kind. These can be worn with your everyday look or draped over more formal attire. The detail, comfort, and versatility will make these accents a staple in your wardrobe.

handmade ceramic dishes
And finally, we love these richly textured hand-made ceramic dishes that bring Peru into your home and can be used in so many ways. Perfect for an afternoon snack of fresh mango or bringing a rustic note of allure to an entry table. The simple, contemporary design is gorgeously complimented by the hand-wrought texture that quietly evokes the artist’s hand.

Peru is charismatic and electric and keeps us inspired to follow our passion, discovering the creations of local artists and artisans. We travel all over Peru, meeting artists and learning about how they work. We are so happy to be able to bring their work to El Pequeno Colibri so that we can all appreciate and enjoy these moments of beauty.