Traditional Cuchara Style Tupo-Blue Stone


A large Cuchara Style Colonial tupo from our UNESCO award winning artisan partners in Cusco,  Gregorio Cachi and his daughter, Hilda Cachi.  As with all of our jewelry from the Cachi family, this is the highest quality workmanship incorporating the traditional style, workmanship and  authenticity for which the Cachi family is renowned. 

Large spoon design with the face of the god of the water. Flanked by 2 fish and a frog. 2 Dangles using handmade chain with spondylus and charms. This tupo is colonial in style, but, unusually displays pre-Columbian symbolism and mysticism.

These tupos are meant to be used.  Traditionally fashioned to hold shawls or blankets in place, the long “stem” of the spoon is woven through the fabric of the shawl and held in place by a silver hook on the back of the spoon.   It creates a very elegant and unique look.


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