Artisan Carved Gourd and Silver Disk Earrings


Mate Burlado and silver disk earrings.  These earrings combine 2 Peruvian traditions, fine silver making and the art of Mate Burlado.  Mate Burlado is the technique of carving gourds by hand.  The Mate Burlado earrings were carved by an artisan in Ayacucho. Mate Burlado is popular all over Peru, but, Ayacucho is home to some of the most refined artisans in Peru.  They take their craft seriously. The studio of Sonia Cachi  created the earrings, using colonial tools and techniques in 950 silver.  The design was a collaboration between El Pequeno Colibri and Sonia Cachi.

These earrings are lightweight and easy to wear.


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