Chakana wrap style bracelet


The Chakana, also know as the Andean Cross is a powerful symbol in the Andean world.  Bethania de Ugarte has handcrafted a silver chakana from 950 silver and combined it with the handwoven alpaca “wraps” that are woven by the women of the Andes.

The Chakana has many mystical and symbolic meanings.  It combines in a very special way, the pre-columbian beliefs with the very special brand of catholicism  that has developed since colonial times. 

Technically speaking, the Chakana is divided in 4 quarters, each with 3 steps.

The first quarter represents: the lower world, underworld, death. the middle world, human life.  The upper world, stars and gods.                              

The second quarter represents:  animals.  The snake, the Puma, the Condor.

The third:  the 3 commandments:  don’t steal, don’t lie, don’t be lazy.

The fourth: the human principles: love, knowledge, work.


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