El Pequeno Colibri is a fair trade, online store committed to selling the highest quality, handmade Peruvian textiles, pottery, folk art and jewelry. Many Peruvians struggle to provide the basic needs of their families.  Geographic  isolation combined with decades of political unrest has left many talented artisans living in poverty. El Pequeno Colibri seeks to provide a meaningful way for individuals to make a fair living, while preserving cultural heritage, and make these beautiful crafts available to you the consumer. 

There is a natural connection between culture, art, and commerce. At El Pequeno Colibri, we believe there is a wonderful opportunity to showcase the arts, preserve traditions, and assist artisans in building their own businesses and experiencing financial security. By purchasing products that have been curated responsibly and produced sustainably, our customers can experience the beauty and functionality of eco-friendly textiles and clothing, sustainably sourced Peruvian jewelry, and handmade ceramics and folk arts. Bring the inspirational artistry of Peru into your own environment –  shop El Pequeno Colibri!


After spending years navigating the corporate world, El Pequeno Colibri founder and owner, Allison Ladd, knew she wanted to get back to her roots as an artist and ceramist. She built on her business success, returned to graduate school at Harvard/Radcliffe to further develop her pottery skills, and opened her own ceramics studio in South Carolina. Finding success with her pottery designs in the US, she was led to Peru in search of potters who could help her produce her pottery and expand her manufacturing. As she puts it – within three days of her arrival in Peru, she was in love! 

Allison traveled back and forth between the States and Peru for a few years, naturally rooting herself within the local artisan community. Her connection to the land, and the affinity she felt for the people, led her to relocate to Peru permanently in 2007, where she remains living and working among other local artisans today.

One thing Allison knew immediately was that she was witness to amazing artwork being completed using ancient techniques. She was fascinated by the culture, heart-struck by the people, and immediately aware of the displacement of many of the artisans whose lives had been devastated by years of terrorism and decades of isolation from the world.  She knew she had a calling to help, and so evolved El Pequeno Colibri, her business built on empowering Peruvian artisans, helping families rise out of poverty by growing small businesses, and inspiring Peruvian women to follow their creative talents in respectful and fulfilling ways.