Welcome to El Pequeno Colibri – "The Little Hummingbird Art"

Hummingbirds can be seen everywhere in Peru – busy in every garden and terrace – mesmerizing in their beauty and their agility. The hummingbird is a universal symbol of joy, lightness of being, adaptability and resilience. So describes the spirit of the Peruvian people whose unwavering resilience in the face of hardships, devotion to family, and love for tradition makes Peruvian textiles, pottery and jewelry available today utilizing artisan techniques passed down through the generations. All of the products we offer at El Pequeno Colibri are of the highest quality handmade goods brought to you through the strictest in ethical fair trade standards, and working directly in collaboration with individual artisans.

We believe there is nothing like handmade art to connect us, comfort us, and bring beauty and joy into everyday lives. Our mission is to preserve and promote the talents and traditions of artisans in Peru. When you shop at El Pequeno Colibri, you are directly supporting artists, their families, and the traditions of Peruvian artisan culture.


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